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Trades according to the approved rules

Unregulated market trading

Auction and supply schedule of municipal coal of Karazhyra JSC for 2021

Auction schedule
May (from 24.05 to 28.05)
June (from 14.06 to 18.06)
June-July (from 28.06 to 02.07)
July (from 12.07 to 16.07)
August (from 23.08 to 27.08)
September (from 27.09 to 01.10)
Delivery time
Sales volume through the Commodity Exchange

Shipment schedule:

CCX carries out organized auctions for the sale of municipal coal in accordance with the Recommendations (sectional rules) approved by the Exchange Committee dated April 9, 2021, No. 5.

At the moment, at the CCX, the sale of coal has been confirmed by the Karazhyra JSC.

Start of auctions: May 24, 2021

Trading session time: from 10.00 to 11.00 Nur-Sultan time

Requirements for participants:

Sellers – a coal producer (coal mine) mining coal in accordance with a subsoil use contract or his sales representative.

Buyers – a market entity that has received the accreditation of a commodity exchange on the basis of information provided by local executive bodies, a wholesale supplier or retail seller of coal having, on the basis of ownership or other legal grounds, a railway dead end siding, technically equipped (weighing equipment, loading and unloading vehicles, etc.) and having the ability to store and ship coal and sell it to the people for personal use.

Auction type – anonymous auction

Collateral: 1% of the amount of the proposed transaction is deposited to the account of the clearing center of Kazenergy Consult LLP. The funds are repayable after the fulfillment of obligations under the transaction.

Trading schedule: auctions are held monthly within 5 working days with delivery 3 months after the auction.

Terms of delivery:EXW (from the seller’s warehouse) and FCA shipping station (Free Carrier)

Lot size: 350 tons

Price range during trading: +/- 2% of the base price.

Base price: the weighted average price, formed during the previous trading session for the corresponding trading instrument, on which deals were concluded.

Terms of payment: on the terms of 100% prepayment

To participate in the auctions for the purchase of coal, the Buyer must sign an agreement with a broker accredited at the CCX, as well as sign an agreement for clearing services with Kazenergy Consult LLP.

If you participate as a dealer (without broker services), you must be accredited at the CCX.

For all additional questions, please contact the following contacts:

Khvorov Pavel – +7 702 479 0337

Information on coal operators admitted to trading on commodity exchanges can be found here.

A list of accredited brokers is presented here.

Information on current price indices

you can find here.



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