How to start?

Regardless of whether you are a supplier or a buyer of a product (customer), you must choose a form of participation.

The exchange trading rules provide for two forms of participation in auctions:
  • Through a broker – as his client
  • Independently – as a direct bidder (dealer)

Through a broker

Using the services of brokers can greatly facilitate participation in auctions and reduce the associated risks.

A broker’s client enters into a legal relationship not with the exchange, but with the broker. Therefore, it is the broker who registers his client on the exchange.

To become a client of a broker, you need:
  1. Explore the rating of brokers
  2. Select a brokerage organization from the list
  3. Sign a contract with a broker and, if necessary, with a clearing company (the broker will provide the agreement and explain how to fill out and what documents you need to provide);
  4. On the CCX website, in the standard auction section, you need to monitor auction announcements (also, at your request, the broker can send you via email auctions you are interested in) *;
  5. To take part in the auction, you provide your broker with orders for the purchase / sale of goods

* if you are a supplier of goods

As a dealer

  1. Study the CCX accreditation procedure
  2. Sign an agreement with the CCX on the provision of services for organizing exchange trading and payment of fees
  3. Sign agreement with the clearing organization of the CCX, KazEnergy Consult LLP and make neccessary collateral and insurance deposits.
  4. Complete free training and get technical access to the CCX trading system
  5. You can place orders for the sale / purchase of goods
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